A simple and intuitive software for IT fleet management

This software is intended for companies and IT fleet managers who are looking for a simple and fast to deploy solution that takes into account new IT usage standards, such as subscription management/cloud services like Office 365.

Ticketing Support

Simple and clear IT-oriented ticketing management.

Fleet Inventoring

Extensive fleet management, including hardware, software, licenses, users...

Centralized platform...

Manage all your customers from a single instance.

...and dynamic

Includes registration portal, email notifications, statistics

In summary

Simplified management

The integrated portal allows users to simply register on the platform and make support requests. When creating a ticket, the user will be able to section directly the product on which he encounters a problem, from the inventory list assigned to him.

A ticketing system designed for IT

The ticketing system allows your customers to fill in a simple and clear request for support. Each ticket includes a description, a severity, and the possibility of attaching an image. You can assign a ticket to your technician and follow his progress in administration.

A precise inventory, adapted to your needs

Our inventory system allows you to simply assign hardware and software to their users. Our solution comes with an application that scans your computers and automatically updates your inventory database.

Includes, among other things, these features

Integrated Portal

Your customers simply sign in and log in from the portal to open a ticket. A profile is automatically created at registration. You have nothing to set.

Without restriction

Our solution is complete and unrestricted: Manage as many companies, administrators, supervisors and clients as you want.

All peripherals

You inventory every machines you want: Laptops, Desktops, Nas, Servers, Printers, smartphones etc ...

Simplified inventory

Simple IT comes with a program that you can deploy to stations. Computer features will automatically increment your inventory.


Simple It offers you to create up to 4 levels of users: Administrator, Supervisor, Technician, User / Client.

Email notifications

Receive automatic alerts to each new or updated ticket. Same thing when a user signs up.

Cloud Licencing

Yes, it is specified because little solution proposes it. You can inventory and manage software licenses and services that are activated with mails / login and password.


Supports the dates of service renewals and inventoried licenses and warns you by email of anniversaries.

Multi-users licenses

A summary page shows you the number of uses for a software license, as well as the people who use it.

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Requirements :

Created with Symfony 4. Dependencies: Composer, PHP 7.1, Apache with URL Rewrite, External ftp access (for agent), Database: MySQL, MariaDB, Mail server with SMTP account