Welcome to the FAQ. We will enrich it regularly according to the different returns. Do not hesitate to contact us if you need more details.

About the Platform

How long does the license last?

The license of the platform is unlimited but you will only receive updates for a validity of one year

To what extent does Simple IT HelpDesk adapt to change, can it evolve with me as my business grows?

Simple IT is fully customizable and scalable, you can adjust the number of users, agents and customers according to your needs, without hassle.

What is included in the price? Are there hidden costs for initial integration, configuration?

The basic price of the license includes the download of the platform and its updates for the duration of one year, as well as 10 tickets to use with our technical support to help you if you have a problem. Installation and configuration are entirely up to you.

Are there any technical recommendations for installing and running the platform?

Currently, the Simple IT HelpDesk solution runs on a simple WEB hosting with PHP 7.1 and a MySQL or MariaDB database.

I don't know the addresses of all my employees / I don't necessarily have the resources to add all my employees. How will they register?

The platform has a portal that allows each user to register on the platform and arrive directly on his interface to write a ticket directly related to his business

Fields or metadata don't suit me. Can you change them for me?

We can consider on a case-by-case basis an additional development (for an additional fee) in order to set up a more advanced customization for your needs.


Can I create as many tickets as I want? Do they end up disappearing?

You can create as many tickets as you want on the platform, these are kept until you delete them yourself

I have several customers, will they see the tickets of the other companies?

The system allows to create a company for each customer, each one is independent from the others and you can even define a manager who will be able to manage and answer the tickets of his company.

The Inventory

I have a fairly substantial computer park, How can I add my computers more easily than to enter the information lines by lines in the solution?

We have developed a Windows agent which allows when you run it on a computer to go directly to the Server the important information of this one to make you save time in your inventory of park.

Is there a limit to the number of objects inventoried?

No, the platform is unlimited in the storage and addition of your machines.

Can I inventory something other than computers?

Yes, you can inventory any computer equipment, network, printers, peripherals (screens, video-projector…)